Dogs and cats welcome to the Riviera

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The Nyala Suite Hotel takes care of your animal companions during your stay on the Riviera. Your pet dogs and cats will be welcome guests, and will be offered all the top amenities needed to make them feel at home!

Pet bed

To guarantee warmth and comfort the Hotel supplies a soft blanket…

Pet Welcome

If you have forgotten something at home, you do not have to worry about it. On request your animals will receive a small beauty kit that includes combs, brushes, refreshing towels and grooming sets for the cleanliness and care of your animal.

Shopping on four legs

In the centre of Sanremo you can find some shops, conveniently located near to the hotel, where you can buy gifts for your four-legged friend.

Veterinary Care

Near to the hotel is a trusted veterinary surgeon who can look after your pets medical needs should it be necessary. Remember that you should always be equipped with your passport including the date of vaccination.

Dog & Cat Sitter

Your pets are never alone and at the request of the Nyala Suite Hotel, the Dog and Cat Sitter service has been launched. The service is supplied directly from the hotel and on request we will also be able to take your pet for a pleasant and relaxing walk.

Nyala advices!

  • At the Nyala Hotel your pets are safe. However, it is always possible that they can go astray and so we recommend that you bring a recent photo of your cat or dog along with you.
  • On holiday fix a collar with a metal nametag also to your cats.
  • It is advisable to take out insurance against any third party damage that dogs and cats can do.
  • Before long journeys give your pets a light meal, 3 hours before departure, to avoid travel sickness.
  • During transfer remember to give your pet plenty of room to stretch his/her legs.