Book holidays with children in our Family Hotel in San Remo

«Mommy, let’s spend a holiday with all the colors of a rainbow!»

In San Remo there’s an ideal place for a vacation with children,
designed around children; a family hotel that cares about them just as much as it cares about adults.

Leave the gray gloom of the city behind as you bask into the welcoming colors of
a vacation at the Nyala Family Hotel. Enjoy all of the colors of a truly remarkable vacation with water as blue as the Riviera sky,
natures beautiful green that is found in the tropical plants of our garden and yellow and red as found on our playground attractions.

Discover a sanctuary in Liguria that offers the very essence of relaxation, pleasure and safety far away from noise, traffic and pollution
for a complete family vacation.

Mom and dad can enjoy San Remo’s attractions, one of the main tourist locations:
from the most passionate shows to the most exclusive shopping; from outdoor sports activities to the excitement of the casino.