Road Ciclying


Sanremo is one of the mythical places of great bicycle racing, with the champions challenging one another in the Great Classic Milano – Sanremo. There’s no better place for a bicycle vacation in Liguria.

If you are street bike fans, you can take advantage from Sanremo’s mild climate to ride during every season of the year along the Great Classic roads, with the Poggio and the Cipressa slopes or the medieval villages of our inland, until challenging yourselves through the Sea Alps routes which have been protagonists of the 2001 edition of the Giro d’Italia.

The Riviera of Flowers, with its new bicycle route, is also the ideal place for the bicycle tourist who loves nature and prefers easier routes along the coast, without giving up on a full immersion into nature as well as a healthy Ligurian vacation.

The Nyala Bike Hotel offers all the services for a pleasant and entertaining vacation.