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    • Main Dishes

      € 19,00

    • Filet of Beef cutted with Reggiano cheese cream and crispy peel potatoes

    • Fried Squids and Prawns in bread crust


    • Strips of veal with cherry tomatoes, rocket and smoked Scamorza cheese

    • Tuna steak at sesame with shallot and Dolceacqua's Rossese reduction


    • Umber filet (according to the catch) with grilled egglplants and sauteed vegetables


    • Garniture

      € 6,00

    • Crispy potatoes with rosemary


    • Fry'n Dip


    • Green saland and tomatoes with "EVO" di Taggia's olive oil


    • Grilled Vegetables


    • Sautèed vegetables Ratatouille


    • Appetizer

      € 11,00

    • Carpaccio of Salmon marinated at citrus salt with wholemeal bread, sweet butter and Vermentino vinegear

    • Ligurian "tile" of cheeses and cold cuts


    • Ligurian rustic tasting

      Flat bread with Stracchino soft cheese and pink salt and assorted "Bruschetta"

    • Sauteed Octopus with Badalucco's beans and "Evo" Taggia's olive oil at rosemary


    • Vegetables flan with Toma Piemontese cheese


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