Carte Menu

    • First Dishes

      € 13,00

    • Borage's Ravioli

      choice: tomato sauce, butter & sage or walnuts sauce

    • Gragnano's Spaghetti with crispy bacon and egg cream

    • Paccheri (Pasta) with small tomatoes, red chicory and Swordfish

    • Risotto with Lobster with egglplant cream and mozzarella quenelle

      (minimum 2 people)

    • Trofie at "Genovese" art with pesto sauce and green beans over potatoes cream


    • Vegetable soup with croutons and "Evo" Taggia's olive oil


    • Main Dishes

      € 19,00

    • Filet of Beef cutted with Reggiano cheese cream and crispy peel potatoes

    • Fried Squids and Prawns in bread crust


    • Strips of veal with cherry tomatoes, rocket and smoked Scamorza cheese

    • Tuna steak at sesame with shallot and Dolceacqua's Rossese reduction


    • Umber filet (according to the catch) with grilled egglplants and sauteed vegetables


    • Hamburgers

      € 12,00

    • Chickenburger + side dish

      Bread, salad, tomatoo, Edammer, grilled Chicken burger

    • Classicburger + side dish

      Bread, salad, tomato, Edammer cheese, Beef burger

    • Fraizburger + side dish

      Bread, salad, tomato, crispy bacon,Stracchino soft cheese and Beef burger

    • Hot Dog + side dish

      Bread, Frankfurter, Ketchup and Majonese sauces  -  € 8,00

    • Italyburger + side dish

      Bread, salad, tomato, Mozzarella, basil, thyme and Beef burger

    • Side dish at choise between

      Fry'n Dip, Grilled vegetables, Green salad and tomatoes

    • Dessert

      € 6,00

    • Cake with warm dark chocolate and orange and vanilla ice cream

    • Cream pudding flavored

      (citrus, red fruits, caramel or chocolate)

    • Cutted Fresh Fruits

    • Junket Cheesecake di giuncata con sour orange jam


    • Lemon Sorbet

    • Three chocolates Mousse with marjoiram pralines


    • Tiramisù

      (with espresso or dek coffee)

    • Gourmet Coffee

    • Meringato

      (Espresso with : Italian liquid meringue)

    • Primo caffè come una volta

      (Espresso with : first drops of coffee emulsified with sugar in grains)

    • Sveglia!

      (Espresso with: crushed marjoram and licorice cream)

    • White after Eight

      (Espresso with: Mint cream with white chocolate chips)

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