An ongoing commitment to the environment


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Situated in San Remo, pearl of Liguria and the Riviera of Flowers, in a quiet and picturesque residential zone, the Nyala Suite Hotel offers elegant and practical rooms and suites, restaurant, garden, swimming pool, playground and free parking.

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The Nyala Suite Hotel recognizes that tourism is one of the human activities that has the highest impact on the environment, and that only through a meticulous respect for the environment will it be possible to guarantee for future generations the enjoyment of a beautiful area like the Riviera,  consisting of the combination of a strip of the sea and the mountains in climate conditions that are unique in the world.


The Nyala Suite Hotel therefore undertakes to:

Respect all the laws, whether at local, national or European level, that govern protection of the environment, trying at the same time to surpass the minimum requirements through its own standards.

Work actively to make sure that  our environmental policy is communicated and shared by our staff  
with our suppliers and with our guests, encouraging them to cooperate with us in achieving more and more ambitious goals.

Be a promoter in the local community of projects intended to restore and/or preserve the environment, and promote a kind of tourism that is ever more aware of environmental concerns.

Be committed to the conservation of natural and energy resources, without sacrificing the operational necessities and the requirements of hygiene and safety, indispensible factors for ensuring the satisfaction of our guests.

Respect the principles of good architectural design, while always respecting nature and endeavoring to minimize the environmental impact of our facilities.

Design, build and maintain equipment that ensures maximum operability in a perfectly efficient way so that it results in the greatest possible energy savings. 

Design, build and maintain equipment that limits and minimizes the waste of water resources in a perfectly efficient way.

Design, build and maintain installations that limit and
minimize air and noise pollution in a perfectly efficient way. 

Manage efficiently and reduce the amount of waste products through a careful purchasing policy that focuses on the use of recyclable materials and suppliers that are more sympathetic to environmental concerns.

Actively commit ourselves to  valuing the most traditional craft and agricultural activities of our countryside, in which the life of the community has always been shared with the rhythms of nature.

Develop and promote programs that allow a tourism that is closer to the values 
of our territory and to its environmental richness.

Promote partnerships with companies that share respect for the environment
as a fundamental premise of their own businesses.