It had been written from Chateaubriand: “There are climates, which for their extreme voluptuousness can be dangerous for your virtue…”

San Remo can be described as its main example. In this little piece of earth looking towards the southeast majestically protected by mountains, nature and climate; all that bind themselves together in a bright harmony which lets tourists enjoy all the many year-round benefits.

This really is the best goal for those souls looking for relaxing days, isn’t it? You just have to compare values picked in January (the coldest month). The medium value of Paris, + 2°C, – 1.5°C of Wien, -0.8°C of Berlin, – 1.2°C of Zurich and + 6°C of Rome have to front an encouraging + 11.3°C of the “City of Flowers”.

But this is not enough. Let’s compare the bathing climatic index, the real measurement instrument for people looking for sunny, not too damp days. To be refreshed by nice breezes and scenic destinations. It results from the relation between rainy days and medium temperatures of bathing season (from June to September).

Your perfect bathing destination is that which has a result lower than 3. San Remo wins over all the others with its unique 0.4, better than Naples 0.7 and really outclassing the first two French localities: Toulon (1.6) and Montpellier 2.6.

The Flowers Riviera and San Remo, real tourist capital, are included in a subtropical climatic area, with 2.900 sunny hors pro year, equivalent to the 60% of all the geographical possible hours. A never ending spring which guarantees a winter’s mild climate and a fresh one in summer, thanks to its sea’s action.