Book at favorable rates, a stay in San Remo and the Italian Riviera of Flowers. Thanks to advanced booking,
of your holiday, you can plan a trip to see the best attractions in Liguria and the Cote d’Azur.

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to be sure of finding the best solution for you, and save.

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  • Reservations available up to 90 days before your arrival, deeply discounted rates available for a limited number of rooms
  • accommodation of bed and breakfast
  • Half board and full board options available
  • Your children enjoy special rates when they share a room with their parents
  • Your pets are welcome, for a small added fee
  • Minimum required stay: 2 nights. Maximum stay possible: any length.
  • Minimum advanced notice for reservation: 90 days
  • This offer is available only for online reservations, and for a limited number of guests.
  • This offer is valid all year round except for some of the busiest times of year.
  • All of the proposed discounts are automatically calculated by our reservation system.
  • This offer may be changed at any time without warning.
  • The prices listed by our reservation system are correct in all cases.
  • Reservations are not refundable. The entire sum must be paid at the time of booking and cannot be refunded whether the reservation is used or not, for any reason.